When is the right time to employ HR help? (compliance perspective)

Am I ready to hire an HR pro? Some things to consider…

So here you are. You’ve started a business, have a great line of products or services, and a great team to sell and execute it all! As time goes on, you start finding yourself dealing more with personnel issues, or “HR challenges”, that ultimately take you away from moving your line of business forward. Every business owner gets to that point! So how do you know when it is a good time to hire a specific HR professional?

Short answer: “Whenever you want!”

There is no official standard, law, or regulation that requires you to EVER hire a HR professional. The need for such a hire naturally occurs as your business grows and you find your senior leadership counterparts putting out more “people fires” than they should. Ultimately, this takes them away from the critical oversight they should be providing to their lines of business.

Basic Employee Count Legislation:

When your company grows, so does your responsibility to abide by federal and state regulation. As an example, I’ll break down the approximate number of laws you might need to follow!

Less than 15 employees: 53 laws
15–19 employees: 63 laws
20–49 employees: 67 laws
50–99 employees: 73 laws
100+ employees: 74 laws

DON’T LET THIS SCARE YOU! This responsibility sure seems HUGE but some of these regulations likely do NOT affect your business. As an example, if you are not in the business of farming, mining, or roofing, you have less to worry about!

My recommendation: START SMALL!

You may not need to go all out with a full blown “HR Department”. You can certainly start with a part time HR Manager or a full-time HR Coordinator to help get your wheels turning and figure out where you stand in the realm of compliance. Once you/they get those pesky regulations in order, those HR professionals will still be invaluable in boosting your people programs and helping your company thrive with other HR-centric programs such as engagement, retention, benefits administration, and more!

How can Cobb HR Solutions help?

If you are feeling overcharged with stress on the accountability of your company compliance or people, Cobb HR Solutions can help! With monthly support or “à la cart” options available to tackle all your HR-related concerns. Let us be your “baby step” into building an HR footprint to establish (or confirm) your processes.

Putting the HUMAN back in Human Resources. HR outsourcing to small/mid-sized businesses. USA, Florida; Veteran owned/operated. https://flow.page/cobbhrsolutions

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