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Putting the HUMAN back in Human Resources. HR outsourcing to small/mid-sized businesses. USA, Florida; Veteran owned/operated.

Did you know that 44% of veteran employees leave their first post-military company within the first year of employment? Some reports say as high as 60%! Well the reason for that is simple; there is a lack of targeted inclusion in getting veterans adjusted to life in the commercial work force. Those poor retention rates are on you, not them, and does not present a reason to not hire veterans because of that statistic!

I recently viewed a live stream of Adam Braatz (LinkedIn, YouTube) that really resonated with expectation management for veterans entering their first role with a commercial…

…and how to fix it!

Owning a business is often described as the most exciting thing one could ever pursue. Through the development of a product or service and helping it grow and expand is a roller coaster in and of itself. As if dealing with the twists and turns of product development wasn’t hard enough, you face the very same challenges in a different capacity with people operations and management. It is easy to forget (or not even realize) the importance of certain processes needed to support your people and remain within compliance. Things like employment classification, employee compensation research, organizational structure, hiring decisions…

Am I ready to hire an HR pro? Some things to consider…

So here you are. You’ve started a business, have a great line of products or services, and a great team to sell and execute it all! As time goes on, you start finding yourself dealing more with personnel issues, or “HR challenges”, that ultimately take you away from moving your line of business forward. Every business owner gets to that point! So how do you know when it is a good time to hire a specific HR professional?

Short answer: “Whenever you want!”

There is no official standard, law, or regulation that requires you to EVER hire a HR professional…

Forget job titles: What do they actually DO?

There have been enough legal cases pop up lately to make any HR professional or employment attorney cringe. Too often, company owners or senior-level managers assume that just because they hold a “manager” title, then they are exempt from overtime rules and regulations. THIS COULD NOT BE LESS TRUE, FOLKS!


Don’t take my word for it though! Let me break down the level of importance with some RECENT examples!

Barnes and Noble: Settled for $910,000 to resolve a lawsuit by cafe managers who alleged they were misclassified as exempt…

Bernie Cobb, PHR®

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